Sustainability and ESG Getting Transformative ( Business & Technical View )

"Data Is Knowledge" Series

Friday , December 16 2022 | 11:00am – 11:30am

ESG is widely seen as a way of investing “sustainably” where investments are made with consideration of the environment and human well-being, as well as the economy. In order to stay competitive, What are leaders supposed to do with ESG data? How to bring ESG performance to next level? Join this 30 mins webinar to discover how data analytics can help organizations process, verify and predict data in a way that can mitigate reputation risk and build value for shareholders. We have invited professional ESG professor Tsoi for the sharing over user point of view about ESG data.

Listen to the webinar to find out about:
•    What is ESG analytics?
•    Challenges of multi-source, high-volume ESG data
•    Approaches to capture and contain required data sets
•    ESG Reporting Ecosystem in Hong Kong and users point of view.
•    How to master, integrate and track ESG data
•    How to achieve data quality required for analytics
•    Useful technologies, services and solutions from Explora with live Q&A

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