To a new Chapter with LPS
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To a new Chapter with LPS

Thank you for visiting Explora. As of June 2024, we have been acquired and integrated into LPS – the No. 1 IT Services Provider in Hong Kong. (Press Release) With the diverse services and solutions coverage of LPS, we hope to take our own expertise and specialization to the next level – supporting you better than ever before and accelerating your digital transformation. Find out more by visiting:

Create business value and change with data transformation strategies

  • Capturing and knowing your data is a unique challenge for every organisation. Our Data Transformation Service leverages our experience and knowledge to give you a deeper view. We help you make better decisions and reimagine your business through data.

  • We transform data into insight for many industries including retail, logistics, construction, insurance, finance, fitness services and education.

Realise your data's value and share it across the enterprise with business-led data governance strategies

  • A data governance strategy encompasses people, processes and technologies to ensure that data within an organisation is available, usable, consistent, reliable and secure.

  • "Data downtime" is a cost. Without reliable data, users cannot make informed decisions. This can have a direct impact on your ongoing business operations and growth.

Make ESG a reality with data analytics

  • ESG (environmental, social and governance) Analytics is a Big Data project to process, verify and predict future data. Explora delivers timely, high-quality ESG data to visualise robust metrics around issues such as carbon emissions, renewable energy production and social inclusion.

  • We perform comprehensive ESG analysis to drive overall business improvement through enhanced sustainability performance.
95 %
Data quality reaches 95% after Explora's data cleansing service and implementation approach.
35 %
Our clients' annual data growth is 35% due to growing transactions.
90 %
of the world's data is unstructured and needs a data company to help.
50 %
User adoption rate of Explora's data transformation can reach 50% with our change management and training classes.

Explora helps your business grow by staying one step ahead of your competitors!