Enhance teaching and learning through educational data

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education systems globally, affecting the most vulnerable learners the hardest. Remote learning has expedited its application across school and university systems. In this difficult time, to better develop students' career paths, teachers need a scalable and intuitive solution to track students' online interactions, demographic details and assessment results. Thus, many education institutions advance to a more comprehensive view of the students' data. Their purpose is to use data to correlate the students and school activities based on the "Skills and Will" recommendation to make good use of data analytics to identify struggling or at-risk students, prompting intervention to bring them back on track. Schools and universities can further monitor these initiatives' long-term efficacy, and use the outcomes to better support teachers and students.


Application of learning analytics in educational institution
Explora took 2 weeks to generate one visualization dashboard to capture learner’s behaviors and performance by class, subject, passing rate, level, and social learning. The visualization dashboard is used to help teachers and prin...
Explora’s Power BI & Power Automate training
Explora co-hosted a Power BI & Power Automate training in a professional development institution. We were able to interact with attendees to try out the test data that time, explore the features of Power BI and Power Automate grad...