Application of learning analytics in educational institution

During the past two years, the entire world has been coping with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemics. It has resulted in school shut, with the distinctive rise of eLearning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely on different virtual learning platforms. Students left their digital footprints there, especially handing in their assessments or homework. The data received from the learning platform is an asset to achieve a center of excellence in teaching and learning. Yet, how to measure impact and outcomes well in learning environment through data? Here is the answer – Learning analytics.

Education Institutions are increasingly adopting sophisticated analytics to reduce management complexity and glean deeper insights from better data to improve student outcomes across the education continuum. Learning analytics can be used by lecturers or tutors to monitor the overall academic performance while the module is taking place.



From learning platform to insight

This time it’s all about data analytics.

The pain point from our client was clear. Vast amounts of student-generated data from learning activities were not well utilized at school, and Explora took 2 weeks to generate one visualization dashboard to capture learner’s behaviors and performance by class, subject, passing rate, level, and social learning. The visualization dashboard is used to help teachers and principals to identify the potential risks, issues, or gaps of each student. We designed learning analytics with an alert to monitor at-risk students for targeted support and offered greater personalized learning experiences to them. Data and analytics are essential for anticipating the future and responding proactively to changing trends in the dynamic world of education. Therefore, Explora has embedded a predictive analysis for recommendation. Teachers can drive student success by identifying critical early interventions that will increase engagement, retention, and achievement ratios.



To maximize the benefits of learning analytics here are the top 3 features to watch out for:


Student’s performance prediction

The most significant benefits of analytics is to provide actionable insights into not only how a student is performing today, but also predict her/his learning curve by month or even yearly. Through the learning analytics, teachers can determine if students can benefit from supplementary eLearning materials, peers, or their assistance.


Improve the quality of teaching

Learning analytics can furnish teachers with better information on the quality of the educational content and activities they are providing. This is not limit to the content of homework, it also can determine the difficulties of exam questions based on the skill level of students.


Long-term cost saving

Schools might waste thousands of dollars on training program each year and still don’t understand the impact on student comprehension and ability. However, learning analytics can improve overall long-term cost savings with targeted program. For example, educating students with the topic they are weak at based on the analytics’ result.



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