Analytics As A Service

What is Analytics As A Service?

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) will provide you with a fully customizable BI solution with end-to-end capabilities, such as organizing, analyzing, and presenting data in a way that helps decision-makers steer businesses in the right direction. Effective analytics start with trusted data; Explora aims to drive data-led transformations to help you achieve business goals, make improvements and help drive forecasts more accurately.

Explora has a full house of BI doctor teams specializing in data management, BI analytics and advanced analytics with machine learning and AI innovation. Our data doctors are responsible for concept and design, data warehousing, data lake implementation and data model optimization and visualization, including reports and dashboard, end-to-end implementation, deployment and support.

Data is what you need to do in ANALYTICS; information is what you need to do in BUSINESS.
What we deliver?

Explora offers BI solutions to turn data into information and information into actionable insight. We connect strategy and technology to provide users with multi-dimensional information about the past, present and future state of the subject being examined.

Discover users' pain points: Explora's professionals record clients' needs and business challenges in an evaluation scorecard. We choose the best approach and tools to keep your business heading in the right direction.
Prepare to design BI architecture, data integration and migration: We map out the logical architecture for the use of data to attain your business goal. Data from different source systems are connected to a single data platform.
Implementation and production: Data doctors support you throughout the BI journey. Training and ongoing support will be provided to users.

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