Data As A Service

What is Data As A Service?

DaaS is a data management strategy that aims to leverage data as a business asset for greater business agility. Our service models give you ways to organize the massive amounts of business data generated daily, and deliver information across the business for data-driven decision-making. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Explora Team has established BI data analytics, data management and data cleansing to serve your business needs. We can assist you by reporting on business-critical issues and developing a long-term of data vision to accommodate the future of your organisation, customers and suppliers.


Data will talk to you if you're willing to listen
What we deliver?

As a data doctor, Explora helps provide actionable insights for your data so that you can make better decisions and be well prepared to plan your strategic approach when responding to a crisis.​ Our professional BI service team will assist you in doing a health assessment, data cleansing, data management and reporting. Inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete and inconsistent data are negatively impacting your organisation's decision-making capabilities. We believe that there is great power within data, and with all power comes great responsibility. It is, therefore, vital for any organisation to carefully handle and maintain clean and accurate data. Processing analytics with clean data can support users at every stage of the business performing to gain timely answers to business questions.

Provide insight: We securely store and process your data then produce relevant insights into solving your business problems under a monthly service subscription.
Monthly service: We provide data preparation services, data processing and implementation services and support and data visualisation services to manage your data within your dynamic business routine every month.
Data-driven: We provide data services to help analyse customer behaviour, compare data with competitors, discover issues or problems, track performance, optimise operations and predict success.
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