ESG Analytics

What is ESG Analytics?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG analytics provides a data platform to store and analyse ESG-related data. We help organisations implement and evaluate ESG factors and initiatives to capture their correlated measurements, to understand the ESG contributing factors, to accelerate sustainable growth and mitigate risk.

Explora's ESG Analytics is a functional knowledge-driven framework that combines the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Databricks ESG Accelerator and our own data-driven customisation with NLP-driven processes in the local ESG ISO context. We can help organisations easily adapt to ESG compliance and monitor their progress towards ESG performance.

We have a duty to care about our environment.
What we deliver?

The challenges we face today across ESG domains are unprecedented. Whether you consider pollution, mental health, the pandemic, climate change or other additional problems, we cannot deny that things must change to create a better and healthier world. The time has come for access to open data, and Explora delivers an ESG analytics platform to help save the organisation's historical and current ESG information, analyse ESG factors and ESG practices.


ESG data processing : Explora provides an ESG framework using a Databricks ESG Accelerator notebook to process structured and unstructured ESG data so we can identify the ESG practice and ESG factors for your organisation.
Monitor progress: We will provide data storage for your ESG data as well as contextual analysis comparing your historical and latest KPIs to help monitor ESG compliance and suggest possible improvements.
ESG data value: This value provides meaningful insight into sustainability-related risks and opportunities.
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