Machine Learning

Why machine learning important ?
Machine Learning can help you improve your business efficiency along the time. Nowadays, more and more online business are integrating machine learning engine into daily operation. It is not just about the automation. Machine Learning can help you discover the pattern or some highlights that you have never known before. With machine learning, this can help you understand you customers better, and so that a particular action such as promotional campaign can be personalized for each of your customers.
Recommendation engine is one typical example for recommending the best fitted products to your customers. Capturing your customers interests properly can bring you more business opportunities and this can be handled inside big data and machine learning techniques.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are defined as the branch of science and technology that is concerned with the study of software and hardware to provide machines with the ability to learn insights from data and the environment, and the ability to adapt to changing situations with increasing precision, accuracy, and speed
What we deliver? Any use cases?
Demand Forecasting
Comparing with the tradictional demand forecasting which only use sales data doing timeseries prediction,
Explora can provide a timeseries prediction with different features like Weather data, Holiday Calendar , Marketing Promotion Calendar and even Google search word trends...etc. Aims to provide a custom-made forecasting engine for your business.
NLP analytics on ESG
Explora can provide NLP analytics with the collected ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) pdf reports from Hong Kong Stock Exchange website. It helps identify the key focus ESG topics for each and across different ESG reports.
Recomendation engine
To provide a personalized recommended product list to your customers, Explora will make use of the Product Data from your Company and User behaviors from your eComm website via Google Analytics and Tag Manager for machine learning the relationship between the products and your customers.
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