Support & Maintenance

What is analytics support?

Companies increasingly rely on technologies to optimise their operation and stay competitive, and IT support plays a significant role here to advocate their growth.

From system analysis and design to ongoing support, Explora provides professional and reliable IT support services with comprehensive BI and data support solutions to our clients in Hong Kong and APAC. Easing the burden of hiring more IT staff, we have the ability to help clients build up the centre of excellence offshore to extend their service. We have a team of offshore resources allocated among the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. They are skilful and highly experienced in many digital transformation projects! These resources are well-trained with service support and an R&D mindset.


Are you worried about BI and data maintenance? Explora is here to help!
What skillset does your offshore team have?
  • Report support (Power BI, Cognos, Qlikview, Tableau, or open source tools)
  • Data pipelines automation
  • Data warehouse maintenance and data integration
  • BI analytics programming, CR maintenance and support
  • Data warehouse performance tuning
  • Data Lake support
Improve efficiency: Save the time and costs incurred in conducting R&D planning and implementation.
Utilise resources: You won't need to bother hiring more IT experts to handle complicated IT decisions.
Reduce risk: Explora has a house of experts with industry domain knowledge to manage your system's security and compliance issues, saving you from potential risks and dangers.
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