Personalisation and invoice automation champion

Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE) 2021 successfully concluded on 9 Sep 2021. Explora Consulting is proud to have been involved.

Words are not enough to express how genuinely excited we were to have our clients there with us. Thank you for your continuous support, and we will cherish our moments together. In this three-day show, Explora Consulting set up a booth (location: Hall 5C, 304) with the theme 'Know Your Customer' to showcase a new direction of understanding customers better under the COVID-19 pandemic and how to open up business opportunities through our data analytics and automation. We were honoured to partner with Microsoft, Databricks, AWS, QBS and IGSL Group. We demonstrated some available features, including personalisation, invoice automation champion using Explora AutoForm, BI Analytics, Customer Journey Management and RPA City. We are delighted to have met so many influential executives of the region across the retail, technology and startup communities.


Although the show lacked overseas visitors this year, there were still many potential local buyers looking for digital innovation, marketing methods and new solutions to improve their operational efficiency. As it was the second time RACE held a big trade show under this pandemic, we were glad to meet new people face-to-face!

Our first highlight of the show was personalisation. It is an experience based on information a company has learnt about the individual. Explora Consulting collects, aggregates, cleanses and deduplicates customer data and metadata to better discover customer insight and customer behaviour. We provide the most relevant recommendations for both known and new customers across any touchpoint by leveraging AWS Personalize, integrate and process the data using Azure Databricks, and handle visualisation in Power BI.

Apart from the personalisation, we also showcase invoice automation champion. Keying data into various systems is a high-touch and time-consuming activity. Our automation service can enable straight-through invoice processing by centralization and streamlined process design using available cloud technology. We were grateful that some visitors were looking for such a kind of solution and that our highlights were appreciated by people from different industries.

If you did not visit our booth on these three consecutive days, we have captured all the impactful moments from the Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2021. Check this out to know more!

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