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IBM X Ingram Micro X Explora: Data Governance Luncheon

As a multi cloud data partner, Explora hosted three events in a week successfully with Microsoft, AWS, Databricks, IBM, Ingram Micro and ESG & Green Finance Education Foundation near Christmas. We are now at a point where we are able to stand out from the crowd and provide our customers with the best possible service. Thanks AWS provided training class to reskill and upskill our colleagues by filling their knowledge gaps. Explora believes that they have the RIGHT skills to tackle today's tasks and tomorrow challenges. 

Besides, Explora has earned a Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for proficiency in Data & AI. We have demonstrated our ability to successfully deliver solutions built on Microsoft technology. Success is measured by performance, skilling, and customer success. We are proud to be the top three companies can attain this designation in APAC.

Specialization badge with solutions area designation delivered by Microsoft

Appreciates @Microsoft for giving us supports & opportunities on event management, webinars, and client meetings. It was an uneasy goal to achieve because Explora’s technical team spent great efforts on earning different certifications, displaying their technical expertise and abilities to assist customers streamline their businesses with custom and flexible line-of-business solution. This year, we were able to earn 19 new customer logos. Most projects we consulted and implemented are bi analytics, machine learning, data warehousing, data governance and data management. Thanks sales & marketing team for your follow-up actions to make this happen, Explora will continue build strategic partnerships for success and longevity.

Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp With Microsoft & Databricks

Microsoft Industry Fair 2022 - Smart Construction: "Build Smart", Plan Smart 


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