Explora’s 4th annual training camp

We are proud to announce that Explora has delivered the 4th annual training online camp to all onshore and offshore consultants embracing"Accountable Leadership". Within the half day of training, we gained the new skill to take account of situation and look into our team's capability to solve problems. The interesting formular we found that day was the breakdown of Accountable "Account" + "Able" = "Result + Valued Behaviours" and this spelled out the value we could bring to our team and organization by being accountable to our projects, to our team, and to our organization.

What is impact if an organization does not take the accountability? We will then lose lots of business opportunities, lose business continuity, lose money and time. Learning the levels of leadership accountability is important to your personal growth as well as organizational growth, basically accountability should start from yourself. Personal accountability is the major level of accountable leadership to drive the outcome and it tends to be the core base of the overall leadership accountability. Responsiblity is given to you, but accountability is how you initiate effort yourself to owe the situation or owe the issue to solve!

Near end of the training session, we learn to be accountable of situation and the importance of having "solution mind-set" would help us solve problems and situations. If you are not the problem solver, make sure you give people guidence so they know how to further solve the problem and this is what personal accountability can take you to. In fact, the more problems being solved in lower operation level, the more efficient the organization turns out to be and I find it very inspirational.

Imagine many of us owe the project, many of us owe the problem and work together to solve it, many of us drive sales and revenue together, this would make Explora more powerful, energizing and autonomous. Throughout the three breakout sessions and the overall training, we have picked up a great deal of knowledge that day and I have to say Thanks to our company coach LSF Global who co-work with Explora leaders to deliver this training to Explora and Thanks for our consultants who attended the training and upskilled themselves at end.
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