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Amid the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and recent political unrest, recruitment consultants indicate a generation of young technological talent looking for positions overseas that has been accelerating since Chinese New Year and this may create a “talent gap” in Hong Kong.



“In comparison to 2020, IT job opening has sharply increased by 200 percent while the number of tech talent keep falling due to immigration trend,” a recruiter from Venturenix said.

Hong Kong’s “domestic economic problem” forces young people to leave because they cannot see a bright future. With a smaller talent pool being actively open to opportunities, the bidding war has begun. Salaries has been pushed up and organizations are struggling to meet their hiring goal.

Based on the insights from the Connected Group, lack of talents with experience in application development, including artificial intelligence, business intelligence, big data and cyber security in corporations.

A study by JLL revealed that no matter how much latest technologies they purchased to provide infrastructure for their data and analytics strategies, the potential of these technological platforms will not be fully maximized without the RIGHT people to present the data and bring actionable insights to business leaders.

However, with this demand, it is important for corporates to rethink their business strategies, direction and people in data side. For example, partnering with data service providers and consultancy to bridge the labor gap and speed-up their project delivery.

As the employee turnover rate is growing rapidly in 2022, the process of recruiting new staff takes more time, effort, and budget. Staff Augmentation is another way to fulfill a temporary spike in your project and stay competitive.



Why should organizations use staff augmentation in 2022?

  • You can get rid of legal and management issues
  • Bridge the labor gap in a faster way
  • Hiring data experts with specialized skill
  • Boost flexibility: Saves time and money
  • Cut costs without sacrificing quality
  • Choose the skill you need the most



How Explora can help you?

From system analysis and design to ongoing support, Explora provides professional and reliable IT support services with comprehensive BI and data support solutions to our clients in Hong Kong and APAC. Easing the burden of hiring more IT staff, we have the ability to assist clients build up the centre of excellence with our offshore team. We have a team of offshore resources allocated among the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. They are skilful and highly experienced in many digital transformation projects. These resources are well-trained with service support and an R&D mindset.


What skillset does our offshore team have?

  • Report support (Power BI, Cognos, Qlikview, Tableau, or open source tools)
  • Data pipelines automation
  • Data warehouse maintenance and data integration
  • BI analytics programming, CR maintenance and support
  • Data assessment workshop & training
  • Data warehouse performance tuning
  • Data Lake support


If you are interested to know more about our support service, you can book an appointment via HERE with our Explora's Service Token.

We are dedicated to help organizations to resolve this talent shortage challenge! Thanks for supporting @Explora as always!

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