Build a 360-degree view of your customer

Success Case Sharing – Build a 360-Degree View of Customer

Today, competitive differentiation is more than just products, services, brand positioning or price, and let’s focus more on the customer experience. Purchasers are empowered like never before, and a great customer experience drives loyalty and revenue. Companies that focus on customer experience reduce churn and increase revenue, leading to higher profit.


The Challenges faced by client

One of our clients is an international fitness business. Their customer information is managed across different departments in multiple, independent systems across different countries, resulting in inconsistent, duplicated and fragmented customer data.

To better communicate and meet customers’ evolving expectations, they came to us with need in a single, actionable, insightful, 360-degree view of their customers — to extend from successful onboarding to relevant ongoing engagement with the company.



Our Approach
After diagnosis on our client’s business case and requirements, Explora engaged to design and implement a centralised data platform with three key attributes –  High accessibility, availability, and security. Scalability was also taken into our consideration – to ensure that our client is capable of upgrading the solution to handle a growing volume of data in the future.
We designed the solution architecture with core roles played by Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Power BI, which are all built for complex integration environment and high scalability.
We designed the solution with aims to provide:
  • A single view of customers with no more data inconsistency
  • Context of customer interactions which enables our client to know more about their customers and make better and easier decision on “next best offer”
  • High visibility into customer relationships, which increases cross-selling opportunities.
  • User-friendly interface with configurable dashboards, that simplifies the analytics process of visualization and data discovery, and securely sharing information across the customer life cycle within the organization.
The Result and Business value
Within few months of implementation, the platform enables our client to improve their journey of collecting customer data from various data sources, and enhances the process of data analytics & reporting in terms of the data quality, processing time and governance. We identified four key outcomes and business value we have delivered to our clients at the end:
  • Single Source of Truth – Customer profiling and hierarchies are continuously improved with dispersed customer information stored in one centralized platform, providing a holistic customer understanding to our client.
  • Fast Data Access – Our client can refresh their data more frequently within the day with a shorter data refreshing cycle.
  • Flexible analysis – Users can easily enrich their timely analysis by adding new customer data or new data sources into the platform.
  • Highly Secured – Users can share, manage and control the data in a secure way
Apart from the technologies, the knowledge and experience brought by our consultants were another key value we brought to our client. We implemented the solution with our best practices, avoiding unnecessary re-design, re-works, and uncovering defects in the earlier stage of implementation.
Contact Us
Explora has a full house of experts with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in data management projects for clients from different industries. We provide consultation services for implementing the solutions best suited to achieve organization goals and objectives. Besides, we also have our immediate in-house cloud solution Hummingbird Analytics that was built on top of Microsoft Azure platform with multiple Analytics AI engines.
For more details, please drop us an email at or you can check out our analytics cloud solution at or call us at +852 9860 8732.
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