Data story on support excellence

Success Case Sharing – Support Excellence 

In today’s business market, the complexity of technologies demands specialized expert to select, deploy and support a consistent and comprehensive set of application solution across the enterprise. Due to the talent shortfall, security threats, and budget challenges in organizations, company’s management team choose for external IT vendors to manage their technical issues instead, such as preventing major business-impacting incidents in infrastructure, reporting and data loss.  


Data story on sustainable service support 

One of our clients is a local business retailer. The exponential growth in the production and use of data, intensified by the COVID-19 crisis, has created vast amounts of new sales data from online and offline. These data have incredible potential for development and decision-making. Traditionally, their IT administrators had to spend time on discovering the data loss in source system. At this rate, it could be days before the error is resolved. To better streamline operation and reduce inefficiency, Explora performs as the third-party maintenance provider to monitor their IT environment for errors proactively. By making the process go from complex to simple, we automated the service request tasks and provided 24x7 support for issues tracking under Explora’s help desk, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person. We act as their external IT service manager to recover the files and fill the gaps left by loss. Data loss can be caused by below different factors, and each poses a unique problem for data discovery. 


Common causes of data loss 

  • Human error 
  • Hard drive damage 
  • Power outages 
  • Viruses & malware 
  • Poor wifi connections 
  • Software corruption 
  • Hackers and insiders


We at Explora shows proven capabilities in effectively handling the complete lifecycle of data implementation – deployment, development, maintenance, and support. We enable their business users to view the real time reports in less than 3 seconds. Most importantly, we were able to resolve their data performance issues to minimize disruption within their company. 



Data story on performance tuning 

Another client is a global business. Their customer information is collected and managed in multiple, independent systems across different departments resulting in slow performance issues and data loss. After diagnosis on our client’s business case and requirement, we engaged to design and implement customer API hosted on Azure App Service with three attributes – faster performance, high accessibility, and security. 

At Explora, we support our client to transfer data from frontend to backend and monitor the environment to catch small problems before they become big ones. Within few months, our client has improved the data refreshment from over 1 minute down to 2 seconds as result.  

Apart from the technologies, the knowledge and experience brought by our consultants were another key value we brought to our client. We implemented the solution and supported our client with best practices, including increase system availability and faster problem resolution. 

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