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What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer Journey Management is an approach to help the business user solve their challenges while improving the customer experience. Creating a seamless customer experience cannot be the sole responsibility of one department like sales and marketing; it is about how the customer interacts with your brand and your company. Therefore, every departments need to work together to better serve your customers. The goal is to give the customer one unique experience throughout all his journey with your company.

To meet customer expectations, your company needs to recognize the importance of capturing customer data to make data-driven decision. Nowadays, customer data are everywhere and those data points are useless if you cannot connect the dots between customer behaviors and the KPIs used to measure your business. Today, innovative organizations are using customer journey management and customer journey analytics to understand their customer behaviors and reduce costs, win new customers and stay ahead of competition.


What we do?

Explora is here to help you discover and manage the customer journey with your organisation. We contribute on business challenge discovery and client advisory to drive business value and customer-focused change. With our analytics, we at Explora enable businesses to leverage behavioural data to improve customer acquisition, customer growth and customer retention in terms of revenue growth for the company.

With the data, we gain more understanding of your customers so that your company can offer personalization from your service or product in more channel specific based on your customer's purchase pattern and preference. Throughout the experience with you, we would co-work with your company to improve the process by better servicing your customers including customer service optimisation, campaign optimization, and product recommendation, eventually to achieve your business goal and overcome the business challenge, maximize the overall value.


3 ways to drive business value

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Growth
  • Customer Retention




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